Swinglane 900: The Swinging Turnstile with Speed

Discontinuation Notice

We have had many years of successful installations with the Swinglane 900, but after careful consideration we have decided to discontinue its manufacture. This decision is in keeping with our philosophy of innovation and updating our offering with improved design and functionality.

Onwards to the Lifeline Speedlane Series

The same, trusted versatility that was offered by the Swinglane 900 is still available, with even more features and intuitiveness in our Lifeline Speedlane Swing. This range of optical turnstiles offer medium security and excellent support to on-duty security guards and receptionists to ensure only authorized visitors are allowed access to certain areas of the building.

We value our partnerships and while we regret any inconvenience this decision may have, we are pleased to redirect you to a range of optical turnstiles which are more modern and on-trend with the fast-moving security industry trends.

Boon Edam offers a premium range of solutions – some of our newest innovations include sleek card reader pedestals and easy integration with access control systems.

Please take a look at our comprehensive range of optical turnstiles and find out how you can fine-tune your choice to suit your exact specifications.

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