Tailgating Prize Giveaway at GSX

We’re excited to be giving away a number of big prizes at GSX (formerly ASIS) booth #1715 this year. Read on to learn more.

  • Why are we having a giveaway at GSX?
  • What can you win?
  • How can you participate?
  • Obligatory giveaway rules and regulation

Why are we having a giveaway at GSX?

According a report by IHS Markit, for the past 6 years, Boon Edam has held the number one position for the Americas in Pedestrian Entrance Equipment. This includes combined sales of tripod and full height turnstiles, optical turnstiles, security revolving doors and mantrap portals. These products mitigate tailgating into secure areas, keeping people safe around the globe.

To celebrate our success at preventing tailgating, we’re offering prizes to promote another kind of tailgating – the one we all enjoy on the weekend!

What can you win?

Tailgating is the theme, so we’ve put together some prize packages that will really “level up” your tailgating game.

  1. Big Green Egg®: a premium quality ceramic grill for cooking pre-game snacks while you wait for the game to start (valued at $780)
  2. YETI® Tundra 45: a cooler for icing down a selection of drinks (valued at $300)
  3. Ultimate Tailgating Package: two folding chairs, a cornhole game set, two cruiser tumblers and a waterproof Bluetooth speaker for fun in the sun (valued at $400)
  4. StubHub™ Tickets: a gift card good for any event of your choosing in the United States (valued at $250)

How can you participate?

You must be present at the GSX exhibition in Las Vegas to participate in the Tailgating Prize Giveaway. But, once you step into our booth (#1715) you’ll have two opportunities to win! Simply find one of our entry experts and:

  1. Ask to enter the contest! You’ll instantly be entered to take home a Big Green Egg, YETI cooler, or the Ultimate Tailgating Package.
  2. Take a photo with our social media photo board and post it onto your LinkedIn account with the hashtag: #TailgateWithBoon and #GSX18. One random winner will take home the StubHub tickets.

With two opportunities to win, it is possible for one person to take home two prizes!

Obligatory giveaway rules and regulations

For details, check out the contest rules - we want to make sure you can actually take these prizes home with you! Click here to download a PDF copy.


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