Touchless Security Entrance Solutions

For years, we’ve seen more contactless solutions in our everyday lives, from contactless payments and travel, to building entrances and facility use. We embrace technology that streamlines time-consuming tasks, and in today's climate, accepting technological change that improves the safety of all has become more valuable.

Commercial buildings have deployed touchless entrances for decades – in the form of automatic doors that are activated by presence detection sensors, Bluetooth, biometric readers, voice recognition and more. Many sectors employ touchless entrances today, for example: hospitals, retail stores, research facilities, academic institutions, airports, data centers, etc.

The right touchless entrance for you will depend on your facility: is the public to be allowed access, or only certain authorized individuals and approved visitors? If your facility requires restricted access, keep in mind that automatic swinging and sliding doors, though they are touchless, enable unauthorized intrusion through the act of tailgating.   

Touchless Entrances Designed to Secure Facilities

Automatic door guidelines require that a swinging or sliding door remain open for at least 10 seconds before closing. During that 10 seconds, an authorized user may enter, but several unauthorized ones can as well – either innocently or with bad intentions. 

Automatic turnstiles, security revolving doors and mantrap portals operate under different guidelines and are designed to protect facilities from intrusion. They offer a truly hands-free experience for users while protecting people and assets from threats such as theft leading up catastrophic loss and liability.


To learn more about our touchless security entrance solutions, download the Touchless Automatic Security Entrances Brochure.

Integrating Technology for Touchless Entrances

There many opportunities to integrate a host of cutting-edge technologies that prevent the need for any user contact, such as:

  • Access Cards
  • Facial Recognition
  • Hand-wave Technology
  • Iris Scanners
  • Mobile/Bluetooth Readers
  • 3D Touchless Fingerprint Access


By using these technologies in conjunction with automatic security entrances, the benefits include: 

  • Less risk of user cross-contamination
  • Faster, secure access to destinations
  • Continuous industry innovation, enhancing the user experience       
  • Ability to connect once disparate building systems
  • Increased visibility to mitigate risks

Touchless Entrances for Public Access

Automatic revolving doors continue to serve public buildings, airports, hospitality, large retail and more. They have been touchless by design for decades to serve the busy traveller, the hospital gurney, shopping carts and more, all while keeping unwanted air outside, reducing HVAC loads, stack pressure and wind tunnel effects.

Today’s revolving doors also offer security options worth considering, such as remote locking and integration with access control systems

Automatic revolving doors have security features and provide touchless operation

Refining the Boon Edam Touchless Experience

Our dedicated R&D teams work tirelessly to give our products the vital updates they need. Listening to industry experts and evaluating current climates, our development departments are always looking for new ways to invest in innovation. While we have been crafting touchless entry solutions for decades, we continue to explore how we can better the lives of our users worldwide.

Retrofitting and Upgrading to a Touchless Solution

If you are interested in converting your current entrances to automatic, touchless entries by Boon Edam, please contact our entry experts. The benefits of upgrading your current entry solution are as follows:

  • Converting sliding doors to automatic revolving doors for keeping dust, polluted and unfiltered air outside of the building
  • Automatic revolving doors offer controlled building access through rotating segments
  • Converting swinging or sliding doors to security entrances provide touchless entry while also mitigating unauthorized entry
  • Automatic upgrades allow for a more contactless entry, decreasing the risk of cross-contamination and regulating user entry
  • There is a wide availability of integrating external access control system, connecting once disparate systems together

Please contact a Boon Edam Entry Expert to learn more about touchless, secure entrances today.







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