Welcoming Active Duty & Veteran Applicants

First, thank you for your service to our country, past and present. We recognize the sacrifices you've made and the unique skillset that you've gained from your experience in the service.

We are always looking for talented, self-motivated leaders and team players to join our family. And we know your skills from the service will translate to the jobs we fill at Boon Edam, just like they did for our colleagues below.
















Alisa Nussman

Branch: NC Army National Guard
Title: Medical Operations Officer


Alisa is a member of the Army National Guard and works as the Inside Sales & Project Coordinator Team Lead at Boon Edam. This means that Alisa must transition from one role to the other quite often each week. Her training in the Army has given her the leadership, time management, organization and communication skills that she uses daily at Boon Edam. The principles stressed in the military have also transitioned to her life at Boon Edam - respect, integrity, and team work.


"Boon Edam made the transition easy on me. Everyone is very understanding and willing to work with you and your schedule. Employees are grateful for your service. I enjoy the comradery of working with other military members and veterans.”









Keith Jansen

Branch: Marine Corps
Title: Former Avionics Technician


Keith is a former member of the US Marine Corps and found it tough to transition from the military to a civilian workforce. The overall training and continuing education in the field of electronics that Keith received in the military has helped greatly in his role as a Technician Trainer and Developer at Boon Edam.


“Military life and civilian life are two different worlds. But, the employees at Boon Edam have a dedication to the customer, much like the dedication the military has for its country. I'd recommend both active-duty and veterans to apply at Boon Edam. The benefits are great and the colleagues are supportive.”



















Greg Kinney

Branch: United States Navy
Title: Former Electronics Technician Second Class


Greg is a former member of the US Navy and found the transition from the military to the civilian workforce to be far more difficult than anticipated. Because of some situations encountered during military operations, tactful discussion and concern for others' feelings were not always a top priority. Aside from the electrical and electronic experience, the biggest thing that Greg brings to his current position as an Electrical Engineering Technician is the ability to troubleshoot from a system level down to an individual component.


“'That's not my job' is not part of my vocabulary. We are a team at Boon Edam and our success depends upon us working together and helping one another. I have been with Boon Edam for over a decade and I would tell a Veteran the same thing that I tell anyone else who is interested in Boon Edam - this is a fantastic place to work and a great company to work for. There is a family-like environment where co-workers still look out for one another. We have great benefits and there are lots of opportunities to advance in the company.

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